10 useful online resources for small businesses.

Marketing Resources

We have put together a list of resources you can take advantage of to help with your business marketing online. Spotibo.com. SEO inspector for your homepage. Woorank.com. Free homepage analyser. Unsplash.com. Royalty free photography. Pexels.com. Royalty free photography.. Mailchimp. Free online mailing list creation. Wix.com. The enemy! Create a basic website for free. Fasthosts.co.uk. Domain […]

What is a marketing plan?

Marketing Plans

Many marketing agencies list the elements they believe make up a small business marketing plan. Typically, social media, pay for view and clicks and the ever-present Facebook Ads etc. Some of that helps but social media is not strictly speaking the platform for selling your products. The constant need to extol the virtues of your […]