Small business marketing you can trust.

Get the most from your marketing strategy.

Create your message.

Build your business.

Elevate your sales.

Small business marketing services. Partnering with So&So marketing is easy, whether you need to design a new website, improve your search engine optimisation, create engaging content or set-up new social media channels, we can drive your business to create your message, build your business and elevate your sales.

your marketing building blocks.

behind the scenes of your marketing strategy.

What's the target?

Establish your core objectives and targets for your marketing strategy. Draw up a short and long term plan of action.

Marketing audit.

Take a look at what you have at the moment. Keep and improve what is working, discard old and confusing marketing.

Measure results.

Filter and fine tune your strategy to achieve successful results. Grow and improve your business.

Simplify your message.

Clean up any clutter and simplify your marketing message to make it easier for customers to work with you. Add value.

Content marketing.

Produce blogs and copy outlining how to get the most from your services and provide guides for your customers.


Keep your logo and branding consistent on all platforms. Your branding is how your business makes people feel, your associated identity.

marketing tools for you.

The full range of tools for maximum results.

Web design.

Your business will benefit from a modern, clean website design. User freindly and working on all mobile devices.

Social media.

Get the most from your social media accounts and maximise exposure and clicks. Develop a clear social marketing strategy.

Mailing lists.

The benefits of a deep mailing list should never be underestimated. On ramp your customers for future promotions and offers.

kickstart your website.

create your business landing page today.

  • register your website domain.*
  • set up your email account.
  • create your business Facebook page.
  • create custom graphics.
  • basic SEO.
  • design your logo.*
  • scale with your business.


* domain registration and hosting £99/year. *ask about our logo design service.

imagine where your business could be a year from now.