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Create your plan.

Have a focused marketing strategy to maximise your brand. Find your niche. Find your voice.

small business marketing

Have confidence.

Know that your marketing is working and converting customers. Find your audience.

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Grow your business.

Gain momentum and market share. Take your business to the next level. Own the market.

What's your biggest marketing challenge?

Identifying the areas you need to improve your marketing can be a painful process. Business owners can become ‘too close’ to their product and risk missing growth opportunities. Your competition always seem one step ahead.

We understand that situation very well and we provide you with a subjective ‘outside point of view’ along with a structured plan to elevate your business to the next level.

Enjoy the benefits of your own remote marketing department standing right behind you every step of the way.

We've got your back.

We have built our reputation on giving small business owners the confidence that their marketing and digital presence is done right.

We work with small business and understand the unique challenges of running one. We can help you with your marketing and take care of your social media accounts, PR and brand management.  

We give you a team of specialists in web design, graphic design, Customer Experience Management along with plenty of other tools to enhance your marketing.

Make something brilliant.

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So&So marketing.

Marketing made easy.

Your three steps to success.

small business marketing in Weymouth

Tell us what you want.

Tell us all about your business. What your next move is and what you would like to happen next. We audit what you have.

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Agree the price.

Working with you, we create your custom marketing strategy and draw up a plan of action and agree the budget.

Website Design in Weymouth

Launch the plan.

Action your plan and marketing strategy. Monitor and measure results. Fine tune as needed.

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Time for a new website?

Its a bit of a cliché but your website is your first chance to make a good impression. How is your's stacking up? An easy fix to your business growth starts with your website. Get that right and the rest falls into place. 

A brilliant website from £649.

Visit our micro site to find out more details.

You'll be in good company.

"So&So have looked after my business marketing for over five years. They manage my Social Media accounts, PR and marketing materials for our sponsors. I just leave it all in their hands. The guys are easy to deal with and are always on hand during the busiest times."

"So&So have created some fabulous websites often with very little briefing. They always deliver on time and with great results. Recommended"

"We are amazed with what you guys came up with considering the small amount of information you had. Delighted with our new website."

You're at a crossroads. Which direction do you take?

We genuinely understand your situation. Maybe you have tried marketing on your own, been let down in the past or the free website builder you are using just isn’t cutting it anymore. Besides, you’ve got this far on your own, right?

But is your competition leaving you behind? 

Perhaps the time has come to launch again, freshen things up, boost your business and become that small business Ninja you once were.

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Choosing a marketing agency shouldn't be difficult.

As a business owner you have to wear many hats. Creating an effective scalable marketing strategy takes time and energy and can be difficult to focus on.

You shouldn’t have to choose between running your business and marketing.

Enjoy the freedom to run your business again,  happy in the knowledge that your marketing is taken care of.

You will love your business growth.

Imagine how awesome it will feel to have total peace of mind in your marketing message. Complete control of the next step of your business growth. It will remind you of why you started your business in the first place.

In front of your competition, measurable growth and support every step of the way.

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