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What is Customer Experience (CX)?

Customer Experience (CX) describes how a business engages with its customers at every point through the transaction history from the first marketing campaign to the completion of the sale and aftercare.

CX is not just about how the transaction was conducted, it also focuses on how your customers feel about your business based on their experience of dealing with your brand. Every touch point within your organisation can enhance the customer journey or ruin it completely which means that you should be aware of CX in your business.

Why CX is important.

Primarily, CX can be the differentiator when a customer chooses what business to use. Building a connection between your brand and the customer is vital to the success of the business. A consistently high level of customer service throughout your organisation will build brand loyalty and mutual respect to for you and your customer. Naturally, the result is an increase in sales and overall business growth.

CX & the small business.

Customer Experience is not just the preserve of big corporations, small businesses should employ the CX principles to encourage growth. Building a loyal database of customers who love your brand, products and services is vital to future success but it’s not all about quantity.

Hundred loyal brand advocates who regularly use your business are a good place to be when starting a small business. Trying to capture large numbers of customers in your database can be a waste of time and just a vanity project.

What is a CX strategy?

Ensuring that all of your customer touchpoints are consistent, helpful, easy to navigate and frictionless is the key to good CX.

A logical, easy-to-navigate website is a good starting point, and easy execution of sales and delivery and streamlined processes all anchor for future customers and sales.

Going that extra mile, delivering and quick response are the bedrock for exceptional customer experiences.