we do like being by the seaside.

Meet your new marketing department.

Marketing for Weymouth, Dorset and Hampshire.

born in
Weymouth & Dorset.

Designed to help the entrepreneur.
We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ marketing plan and it can be frustrating to try to find a marketing agency that will sit down with you and really get to know and understand your business.

So&So marketing and web design is the one startup and small business marketing agency that provides clear and easy to follow marketing plans and strategies along with affordable and dependable web and graphic design because we genuinely want your business to grow and be successful. Unlike some marketing agencies, we provide value for money and realistic marketing strategies that will save you time, money and boost your bottom line.

Why choose us?
You’ll never waste time and resources on marketing again.  A genuine passion to help small businesses win.

meet the team
your marketing department.

Paul Oughton


The business owner with bags of experience ranging from holiday park management through to professional sports teams and athlete marketing. A wizard at creating Instagram and Facebook likes.

Colin Stratford

Our freelance designer with a long history of graphic design, artwork creation and printing ( back to the offset litho days ) Likes to stay on trend design wise, wishes that Google would standardise SEO.

George Stratford

Film and photography

Currently on a gap year, George is our video and media genius. Will be found at the side of a football pitch, filming and editing footage for numerous sports websites. 

we've got you

Marketing for the South Coast and beyond!
As much as we enjoy being by the seaside, our long and varied list of clients, enables us to broaden our range to cover marketing in Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire and our latest client is based in Leeds in Yorkshire! Geography is no barrier to successful marketing as we frequently hold Skype meetings and we will be hosting live webinars soon through our Facebook Group.