Is email marketing still relevant?

Small business email marketing

Spoiler alert, yes! It is tempting to rely on social media platforms as a source of sales leads and customer engagement but we would like to state the case for email marketing. When consulting with a new client for the first time, one of the most important elements of a marketing strategy we encourage is […]

8 principles of good web design

Successful small business marketing UK

In this months blog, we take a look at the elements and principles need to form a cracking successful website, Good website design can be divided up into key elements that ensure the best outcome for your user.   Clear, simple design.  Designing a website with too many elements that serve no real purpose to […]

What is the price of a website?

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How much does a website cost? If you are a startup or small business, the need for a website is obvious but how much should you pay to get your business online? In this blog, I will outline the known costs involved with buying a website design and also highlight some avoidable mistakes. It starts […]

The SEO experiment

In order to understand the latest significant update to the Google Search Algorithm (July 2021), we thought it would be an interesting exercise to quickly build a new website in line with the Google guidelines for Search Engine optimisation. We are testing many different aspects including the length of time it takes for a new […]

10 useful online resources for small businesses

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We have put together a list of resources you can take advantage of to help with your business marketing online. SEO inspector for your homepage. Free homepage analyser. Royalty free photography. Royalty free photography.. Mailchimp. Free online mailing list creation. The enemy! Create a basic website for free. Domain […]

What is a marketing plan?

Small business marketing

Many marketing agencies list the elements they believe make up a small business marketing plan. Typically, social media, pay-for-view and clicks and the ever-present Facebook Ads etc. Some of that helps but social media is not strictly speaking the platform for selling your products. The constant need to extol the virtues of your business on […]

Choose your words wisely

Small business marketing UK

“Don’t use a big word when a singularly loquacious and diminutive linguistic expression will satisfactorily accomplish the contemporary necessity.”  We want to emphasise how powerful words can be in your marketing collateral, on your website and even on your social media posts. We have said many times before, that a common mistake to make, is […]

Text marketing

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Text Messaging is one of the most underused methods of direct marketing, but in our opinion also one of the most effective. Small businesses seem to dismiss this form of marketing because there is a cost associated with it, but when you look at the statistics the reward in terms of open, read and response […]

What is a talk trigger?

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With billions of people using social media throughout the world and a plethora of media sources to choose from in terms of entertainment and consumer lethargy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make your business stand out and attract new customers. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful and underrated ways for your […]

Content marketing

Get the most from your business website and provide your visitors with valuable information about the services you offer. Make your website useful and consider adding a blog to help your visitors solve their problems. What is content marketing? Simply put, you create rich content about your skills and pass on your expertise with how-to […]