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What is a talk trigger?

With billions of people using social media throughout the world, and a plethora of media sources to choose from in terms of entertainment and consumer lethargy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to make your business stand out and attract new customers.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful and underrated ways for your business to be heard through the clutter, and by creating a Talk Trigger for your business you won’t just be heard you will be amplified by your own army of advocates.

What is a Talk Trigger?

Simply put, it is where your business has delivered or created something remarkable and memorable and in doing so makes the customer want to share and tell their friends about it. It could be something as simple as free samples of new products, going above and beyond to satisfy your customers, providing a reward for loyalty, or solving a problem that no one else could. This in turn encourages people to promote and tell others about how great your business is, or more importantly, post on Social Media about your business with a picture and a glowing review. 

However, the rub is, that your talk triggers should be natural, genuine, reflect your brand or business, be authentic and consistent, and not a gimmicky party trick.

An example of a Talk Trigger.

Let’s take a van rental company as an example. From the outside, it would appear tricky to create a trigger for what is essential but routine business. As long as the van is available, clean, and does the job, that’s all I need right? Now let’s consider that the customer is moving home, relocating a student child, or even visiting the local Council Refuse site.

Stay with me on this one. As a van rental business, you will know the purpose of the hire, so a trigger, in this case, for example, would be to leave an appropriate small gift on the passenger seat when the client collects their van. Teabags or light bulbs for the new home mover, rubber gloves for the people dumping their grass clippings, etc. How effective would that be? A small thoughtful gesture that shows a little empathy for your customers. Most importantly, the competition won’t be doing it!

But I have no physical product.

Talk Triggers can be utilised by anyone. There are plenty of ways you can create a buzz about your business. Consider these methods:

Talking empathy. Make your services easy to use, and minimise friction points to make dealing with you as easy as possible. A simple, clear, customer-driven website and customer touchpoints will make you the first choice and most likely to be used more often. Price isn’t everything. Humans like to take the easy option that requires not burning those brain calories. Make it remarkably effortless, so much so people will talk about how easy it is to work with you.

Talking generosity. Go above and beyond your customer’s expectations, all of the time, as a matter of course. Establish yourself as the go-to person based purely on exceptional service. Foster generosity within your staff by having a very clear mission statement about your business goals. Make it part of your office culture and add it to your business D.N.A.

Find your voice and attitude. Stand out from your competitors by being positive to work with, getting straight to the point, and being memorable. Customers are far more likely to share and recommend a happy place with a very clear, easy to use service. The branding and voice you adopt set the tone for transactions. Take the time to discover and understand your audience and let that shape your narrative in a natural way.

Talk is cheap. Word of Mouth is the cheapest form of marketing there is, and by creating a Talk Trigger your customers are doing your marketing for you and telling their friends and family about how remarkable you are, which is a lot more affordable and effective than a scattergun advertising campaign. In fact companies with the most effective Talk Triggers have the smallest marketing budgets, and that’s because they don’t need it, the Word of Mouth they create generates a never-ending marketing and revenue-generating source without having to spend their hard-earned cash on hard to measure and often fruitless advertising.

In summary, a Talk Trigger should naturally encourage your customers to take to Social Media and tell all of their friends about your business without the need for you to ask for it. As I said, Talk Triggers need to be genuine and authentic. A good place to start is to see if you can increase your Google reviews by being the very best version of your business. What do you need to improve within your business to win those coveted five stars?

“Good marketing is when you don’t notice you’re being marketed to”

Paul Oughton

Paul Oughton

Business owner, So&So Marketing.

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